Monday, November 28, 2011

Collar size question?

My brother, Andy,
is going to be visiting his special friend Siku in the west in flat form soon.
He ask me to ask y'all, as he is a bit shy, what size blingy collar do you think that his beloved Miss Siku would wear? He wants to give her pearls and RHINESTONEs, but I told him I would ask? I think she would be a size 10", but he was not sure.
Sally Ann


  1. Shhh, I hijacked our blog to get this info to you. Dad took Siku's collar off so he could brush her ruff and Quinn and Nuka measured it while YoYoMa blocked her view. Her everyday collar is 13" long. You are so sweet to be thinking of blingy gifts for my sister...gotta run, she is looking around to see where I am...Puff, Still Another White Dog

  2. Awwwww what a lovely thought for Miss Siku! Hope you find the right size! Take care

  3. Pretty fancy. I think Miss Siku will love it, she looks like a size 10 to me :D


  4. Your couch is really beautiful and very soft I want to sleep on that woof!


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  5. Oh Andy, the winds are STILL ferocious here! It is scary to go outside, I am nearly blown away by the force of the winds and even my extra luxurious ruff and floof barely keep me warm! I hope this storm goes away soon! Hope you and your sister and your mommie are having better weather!

  6. Wow, we have no idea what size she is. Hootie got a little wearable for you the other day & he hopes it will fit YOU! Will get it out in the post soon. If it doesn't fit, make sure to let him know. (But don't send it back, cuz I'm wayyy too large boned for it. tee hee)


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