Saturday, June 12, 2010

Planing and Planing. . .

Hi Y'all, I am so tired because I am managing my household first I told Mommy that no carpet should come into my house. So, no carpet, and we get all wood, well, faux; but, it looks great.

I am just bushed doing all this house stuff. I am only a little dog, but some one has to do it.
Also, I told Mommy she had to get more storage, so I sent her to Ikea.

I don't want Andy to come to a messy house. I have to take care of him because I am the big sister now. I must go rest now, as I am tired from all this work.

Currently, all of my furniture is everywhere, and it is not where is it supposed to be. I suppose this is how work happens. If y'all have any advice on how to snoopervice work faster, I could use it. I can't even get to my play pin.
Oh no, Mommy trying to move something. Mommy stop . . . . . Sally Ann


  1. Sally Ann
    You shoowe have taken on a lot of wesponsibility, but you'we making thins soo pawfect fow youw new baby Bwofuww. I know he will have the bestest big sissie and will love you sooooooo much! Get some west you need to keep some enewgy fow playing too you know.

    I think youw new floow is bootiful and that cabinet is gweat.
    smoochie kisses

  2. Things will come around very soon and you will have everything where you want it. Until then -- take a nap....I'm just sayin'....

  3. You do house stuff, your very very good helping I don't want Mom to read this, I have quite a layed back sort of life, there's no way I'd do house stuff, Opps sorry mom yea what do you need doing
    sorry have to go George xxx

  4. You tell Mommy to be careful. One of the most important things a snoopervisor does is protect the workers. And a good place to snoopervise is wherever they are most likely to get into trouble...sitting on their feet is helpful and makes time for both of you to relax.

    (quite experienced at this, thank you)

  5. Brand new stuff for a puppy? I guess your mom wants him to have lots to chew on. Hehehe.


  6. What an exciting time this is for you!!! We bet the new floors look great!

    Happy weekend!

    Woofs and Kisses
    The Fiesty Three

  7. We snoopervise best from the couch. Try that...

    Bobo and Meja

  8. Crikey, Sally Ann, you sound like a very busy Welshie. Good luck with all the snoopervising. We can't wait for Andy to arrive ... it will be such fun!
    Nelly x

  9. OOOh Sally Ann, way to Go GIRL!!!! No carpet, you are the pup!!! That is the way to go with a new pup! Your Mom will be happy with the clean up!!!

    Have a Great Weekend!

    Hugs, Tessa

  10. Aw Sally hpw exciting! Your new brother is a real handsome boy. Now you and your Mom be careful mooving all that heavy furniture, my Mom says it's bad for you girlies nails.

    Wiry love Eric xxx

  11. I am sure everything is going to be perfect when your little brother comes home!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Sally Ann I hope you are not over exerting yourself. You are just a tiny thing after all. Call me and I'll come help you get ready for Andy!

  13. Being a big sister sounds like hard work! I hope you are getting extra kibble and treatsies!!

  14. Humans can be very slow! We are excited that you are all ready for your new arrival!
    Martha and Bailey xx

  15. Your mommy has good taste AND you seem to be doing a wonderful job keeping everything on schedule, Sally Ann! You are already such a great big sister!

  16. Has he arrived? Has he arrived?

    We're speed reading to catch up (we've been gone WAY too long) and from what we can tell, a new EskiePup may have made his way to your home. Yes? Please say "YES!" We are anxious to know.

    Congratulations, and thank you for your understanding of our long hiatus.

    With much love
    Jake and Fergi xxoo

  17. Such a beautiful girl to have to work so hard. A doggies job is never done.

    I know you're gonna be the best big sister ever!

  18. Hmmm. Moma would've swore that she'd been here and left a message for you ... we are sure we heard her talking about your new pupster and all the preparations you are doing to get ready. In fact, we thought maybe he was there already. Hmmmm.

    Anyway ... we hope you've been careful with all that hard work and that by now you are having a great time with your new family member.

    Jake and Fergi

  19. Wow, lucky little Angus is coming home to lots of new stuff. You are a wonderful big sister to make such careful plans for him. We can hardly wait to meet him.

  20. What a good sister you are getting the house all ready for Angus. We can hardly wait to meet him.

  21. Where oh where can Angus be? We all are waiting to see...


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