Sunday, April 4, 2010

The name badges are here!

Hello Delegates of the 1st annual Rat Council Forum,
Please take your badges, as they are your ticket to get into the soiree on the 9th. Please bring your personnel assistants(i.e. baby sisters and brothers, if they are good health - we won't be serving gum, as one little brother had experience with some gum very recently).
We shall be discussing the pressing issues facing the ratting world, and for the entertainment, Mack and the Eskies will be performing. Prinnie, Atka, Siku, and Mack are the principle members of the group. There will also be an orchestra. This will be a Gabe event because don't well all love to chase Rats.
Sally Ann's Personnel assistant, and big brother,


  1. Thank you so much for the badge help, Sally Ann! My mom thanks you too!

    Yer friend,

  2. Those dang rats don't stand a chance now!!

  3. Wow, and we didn't even have to do a thing? Thank you so much for preparing the badges. I am intrigued about this event.

  4. The event is coming together nicely. If you visit my blog today, Mack, Quinn and I have posted an audition photo for Mack and the Eskies! If you would like a copy please let me know where to email it. Looking forward to harmonizing.

  5. Yes siree, the excitement mounts!! Looking forward to the forum.

  6. Mack, you and Sally Ann and Mommy have been so great at helping raise money on Ben's blog! Could you do it a little longer? Only 4 days left! We need 140 more comments and we are running out of time!!!! Let's not fall short of the maximum $500 donation for animal rescue! One more time visit Ben at and leave the comment, "Ben You Rock! Send your friends. Come On!!!! We only have until April 10th to help this great cause! Do it for Ben…do it for Khyra…do it for all of the animals that will be helped! Thanks

  7. WOW this is a FABULOUS name badge!!! I hope I don't get too nervous....but when it comes to RATS I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!( I hope I can do the Senior Earthdog as well but I have my doubts tee hee) I am also very pleasd to see that NO GUM will be served......Qite the hostess with the mostest.......Love Agatha and Gum Boy

  8. Mack and Sally Ann:

    Thank you for my name badge - it has been received!! I will wear it with pride, and do my best, super best, to assure your confidence in me as a part of this amazing council is warranted. I suppose my sisters are also seeking a seek in your orchestra (ugh - they are BOTH tone deaf), but do not feel obligated to have them screech, I mean sing, for you. Looking forward to our first gathering....


    ps: These badges are perfect!!! Well done!

  9. Wanted to send you all a special thank you for all of the help in meeting the goal of 500 in Ben's Rescue Dog Fund Raiser. It is not official yet, but I believe we have met the the goal of a $500 donantion ($250 to Khyra's choice of rescue shelters). You were all great for taking the time to leave comments to help the needy.

  10. Very professional looking name badges we see! Looking forward to the next installment ... we see it's been a while ... just like us ... taking a bit of a catch up breather.

    Till next time,
    Jake and Fergi xxoo


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